The Pausenengel Project: Take action instead of looking away.

Civil courage can be learned – Pausenengel know how it works.

An innovative concept of prevention of conflicts and violence on the Pausenengel - suitable for all school types.


The main target is to create a more peaceful atmosphere on the school yard – by pupils for pupils.


Civil courage can be learned – Pausenengel show how it works. The target of the project is to teach the pupils the following personal and social basic skills.

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Civil courage can be learned –Pausenengel know how it works!


With this violence-prevention project, teachers and pupils are able to face violence on school yards.

By working in this project, the pupils get an internal and an external reinforcement of their self-esteem. During the training and and in their future duty on the school yard, the pupils learn to act in a fair way, without using any violence.

And step by step, the pupils strengthen their civil courage!


The codes of behaviour and the skills learned during the training units can thus be applied in real everyday situations.

The word ‘Pausenengel’  did not exist on the World Wide Web until the year 2007 – and at that time, the Google search machine did not find any links.

The concept of the“Pausenengel” is a name which was chosen by the pupils themselves and they are proud to call themselves Pausenengel. “Pausenengel ” is a project by pupils for pupils. It allows to set the focus on individual priorities and to expand these in the course of the years.

Pausenengel Froebelschule Aschaffenburg/Germany

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