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    The Articles of Association can be viewed here or delivered upon request by the association.

    Debit authorization

    I hereby authorize the pause until further notice Angels eV regular total contribution annually or one time donation to the following account to debit:

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    In the storage and processing of my personal data for members of management and delivery of information by members of the Pausenengel e.V. I agree. A transfer of personal data to third parties is not permitted, except by regulatory obligation. This agreement can revoked at any time with effect for the future.

    The total fee is collected annually from your account by direct debit or is to be paid to the following account: Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau, IBAN: DE39 7955 0000 0011 6837 37, BIC: BYLADEM1ASA.

    The contract may be terminated until 30.09. take place at the end of the year in writing.

    Membership dues

    class of contribution: Member form Amount of contributions per year:
    – 01 Children up to 14 years Euro 5,–
    – 02 Young people up to 18 Euro 8,–
    – 03 Adults over 18 years Euro 15,–
    – 04 Honorary members frei
    – 05 Married couples Euro 20,–
    – 06 Family contribution with children Euro 25,–
    – 07 Trainees, conscripts, community service, students Euro 8,–
    – 08 Retirees / pensioners Euro 25,–
    – 09 Supporting Members Euro 50,–
    – 10 Business Euro 100,–
    – 11 School, Collage, University Euro 25,–
    – 12 in exceptional cases, special regulations are possible
    Download the full post statutes of the association Pausenengel e.V. (German version)

    Membership Application

    Here you can download the Application Form as PDF (German version).


    Statute Pausenengel e.V.

    Here you can download the statute as PDF (German version).