Civil courage can be learned – Pausenengel show how it works


The target of the project is to teach the pupils the following personal and social basic skills

Politeness, tolerance, helpfulness, team skills, creativity, civil courage, reliability, commitment, self-reliance, responsible awareness and integration. – All these competencies are of major significance to the school’s educational work and the challenges of the future professional life.

Duties of the Pausenengel


  • They create a peaceful community on the school yard.
  • They help the other pupils when these have small problems.
  • They talk to the other pupils when these wish so.
  • They assist the teachers during their schoolyard duty.
  • They pick up litter and dispose of it.
  • They plant new flowers, bushes or plants on the schoolyard and protect the green area.
  • They protect the sports and playground equipment.
  • They conduct active breaks and playground activities.
  • They reflect on how to improve the well-being for all during the breaks.
  • They are conscious and find out how to create a better atmosphere on the schoolyard for their fellow-pupils.