Social Components

The main target is to create a more peaceful atmosphere on the school yard – by pupils for pupils.

    • The self-awareness of the individual is being trained.
    • The pupils learn different communication techniques to communicate with other pupils.
    • The pupils learn to help other pupils by observing.
    • Introverted and insecure pupils learn to communicate orally and to get into contact with other pupils.
    • The pupils learn to be proud of themselves. For them it is an honour to be a Pausenengel.
    • The pupils learn to act responsibly.
    • Pupils who are difficult to integrate socially learn to develop a peaceful behaviour when acting as Pausenengel.

Ecological Components


  • As part of their duty the Pausenengel pay attention to the visual design of the school yard. In accordance with the seasons they plant the flower boxes which they install at special places on the schoolyard and take care of them.
  • It is one of the basic attitudes of a Pausenengel to notice and dispose of litter, regardless of whether they are on duty or not.

Generally the Pausenengel take care of the trees and bushes in the school yard so that they will not be destroyed maliciously.

  • They approach pupils who try to do that and ask them to stop it.
  • As an example, a greenhouse that hasn’t been used for a long time, can be cleared, cleaned and restored for use.


Economical Components

With their continuous duty the Pausenengel provide for the conservation of the school yard equipment. Without attracting much attention they protect horticultural grounds, the benches, the playground equipment, the playing field and the ping-pong tables.

The property and clothes of pupils will not be soiled and damaged so often because conflicts will be avoided from the very beginning.

Education for Peace

Giving love

For the job as a Pausenengel, communication techniques are trained which put the pupils in the position of neutralising conflict situations and arguing as the situation requires. They learn to show the necessary courage to approach other people and offer to help them. By doing so they are able to fall back on support systems and learn how to be a committed team-worker.

Prevention of Violence

This project challenges and supports at the same time. Children who have already had to overcome barriers on their way through life due to personal difficulties get a chance to do something for their peer group. By practicing these behaviours the children will become socially and personally accepted.


Prayers/contemplations/meditation help the pupils compose themselves and let them find their inner self. The project “Pausenengel” was created in frame and in order of the school pastoral of the diocese of Wuerzburg/Germany.