The History of the Project

Courage can be learned – Pausenengel know how it works

Pausenengel is a project which was developed at the Fröbelschule in Aschaffenburg in 2003 and which targets courage, preventing violence, self confidence and value education.
With this project, teachers and pupils can structure sustainably the interpersonal climate on the school yards more peaceful. The pupils get an internal and an external reinforcement of their self-esteem and learn in their education and in their duty in the future on the school yard to act courageous, fair and with no violence with one another. With this regular duty the courage of the pupils will be awakened and strengthened! This ability could be used in everyday life situations and could be practiced sustainably for the future.
The concept “Pausenengel” is a name which was chosen from the pupils by themselves and which is born with glory.
Their work has positive impacts on the completly school environment up to the parents, which are reassured when their children not longer report about terrible experiences on the schoolyard. Target of this project is to impart the pupils’ personal and social basic skills:

Politeness, tolerance, helpfulness, team skills, creativity, courage, reliability, commitment, self-reliance, responsible awareness and integration.