The Project

Short Description of the “Pausenengel” Project

The word “Pausenengel” was chosen by the pupils themselves because the word “ANGEL” has a very positive connotation. For the pupils, an angel symbolises protection, safety, attendance, understanding and kindness. Angels act in hiding. They are here when they are needed and they do not expect gratitude. Angels who though invisible are always with you.

The central aspect of the “Pausenengel” project is a path – co-created by the pupils – towards a jointly and peacefully spent time on the school yard. Pausenengelare pupils who, thanks to their training in social competence, are able to strengthen and foster the interpersonal coexistence of the pupils by their own positive behaviour. They carry joint responsibility for a successful school break thus providing to meet the needs of each and every pupil.

The training concept unfolds little by little with the developing project and the children. The concept consists of eight units which are the basis for the pupils in their training to act as ‘Angels’ on the school yard.

The written concept is designed for a mixed group of different ages. It has been developed for pupils of the third up to the tenth grade likewise.

In addition, the concept is equally applicable for the specific demands of all different school types. It is, however, difficult to meet all the needs of such a wide range of requirements.

Therefore, it is necessary for the trainer to consider the concept as a basis for further adaptation to the specific needs and requirements. At any time, it is crucial to always bear the aim of social competence on the school yard in mind. The school yard angels are neither paramedics who perform First Aid measures (e.g. wound treatment) nor pupils who sneak and tell the teachers about breaches of rules by other pupils. The training enables them to perceive the other pupils as well as their problems during the breaks and learn to act in a very human way.


It is recommended to adopt the developed concept fully or at least the essentials in order to be able to explore which parts are optimally tailored to the target group, and also which parts are only sub-optimum, and which ones do not fit at all.

We intentionally did not set any time standards for the individual training modules.

It is again the group of participants and the focus points – chosen by the trainers themselves – which define how intense the individual modules are trained with the future Pausenengel. The contents of the individual modules build on one another so that the sequence should not be changed. They offer the pupils the opportunity to detect their social behaviour and to strengthen or correct it, if necessary.

The main teaching points of each unit are practises in awareness, behaviour observations and the training of simple rules of conduct.

The following methodology is used: Gestalt-pedagogical approaches, role plays, anger management assignments, meditation, spiritual impulses/prayers and presentation of good practice.